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I am a fan of Momo Sakura, a beautiful and famous swimsuit idol. I also often use her pictures to masturbate. My girlfriend Risa discovered that she was looking at pretty girls with big breasts, so she forced me to take her to the movies. After watching, Risa invited me to go to her house and I could spend the night here because her father was away. So great. If you can spend the night at your girlfriend's house, you'll definitely be able to fuck her! But as soon as I reached heaven, I was pulled back to reality by her next sentence. My sister is at home. It turns out she's not an only child. With an older sister at home, how can I cope? As soon as I arrived at the house, I was about to go inside when Risa told me to wait outside. Listening to his girlfriend's voice, it seemed that her sister was often not dressed properly when she was at home. Walking up the stairs, I saw a pair of see-through pink lace panties thrown on the stairs! My girlfriend quickly hid it, thinking it was hers so I didn't think too much. While waiting for his girlfriend to make a cake, her sister appeared. And when I looked at her face, I was so surprised that I fell to the ground. My girlfriend's older sister is Momo Sakura. My idol. She's even more beautiful than in the photo, extremely cute, her breasts are round... Wait, it looks like something has been padded up. She's not wearing a bra! Because I ran out of onions, my girlfriend had to go buy them. Momo immediately changed into an extremely skimpy bikini. The bra couldn't cover all of her plump breasts, and her nipples even wanted to pop out. The panties were so small that they could barely cover her "mysterious slit", her two fleshy edges were completely exposed to my eyes! She wanted me to look closely and evaluate this bikini of hers, constantly doing provocative positions that made me unable to bear it anymore and rushed to fuck her! Shoot all the sperm into the idol's pussy! And during the time I stayed at my lover's house, I fucked her over and over again, each time squirting into her pussy, like a dream.

IPX-690 Stealing many times with my sister
 Movie Code: IPX-690 
 Movie Studio:  
 Actor: Momo Sakura